Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to learn more about our products and the services that we provide. We are passionate to create IT solutions that are able to really make a difference in organizations, by reducing costs, connecting people and increasing productivity.

Pull Cases

Pull Cases is a secure legal practice management cloud platform that aims to empower attorneys and law firms. Our platform features a secure message system, encrypted cloud file storage (that can be accessed from any device with Internet access) and a calendar system with event sharing capabilities.

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Pull Guests

Pull Guests is a property management cloud platform that aims to empower hotel managers and help to improve operational results. Our platform helps you to bring the power of artificial intelligence into your Hotel.

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Our software makes it simple for your organization to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation by providing a platform where your Data Protection Officer is able to very easily adopt a set of required processes and procedures within the GDPR. The records kept in out system can be exported and serve as proof of compliance to the supervisory authorities in your country responsible to enforce this legislation.

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Our Services

Software & Web Development

A website with a modern and clean look is the key get attention from your clients. Pull Solutions develops your website for you.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices are everywhere. There are phones, tables, wearables, and their number is increasing year by year. We can help your organization developing a mobile strategy.

Cloud Deployment & Maintenance

We are prepared to deploy and maintain platforms for a wide range of industries. By keeping these tasks outsourced, your organization can be focused on its real goal.

Artificial Intelligence

With the constant and high demand for improving efficiency, AI takes a major role helping business to conquer their market. Pull Solutions makes AI easier for business.